Dr R Prabhakar Rao

Committee Chairman,

Micro and Small Medium Enterprises

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Ln Er M N Rao

Committee Chairman,

Skill Development, Media and Public Relations

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Dr Kidambhi Sekhar

Committee Chairman,

International Trade and Commerce

Dr. Sekhar Kidambi is a distinguished entrepreneur and academician with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. Born on February 3, 1967, he has worn multiple hats with equal aplomb, starting his journey as an academician and educator before transitioning into a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Kidambi is the Founder and Chairman of several thriving enterprises, including S P M Trading L.L.C, K-Mara Care Pvt Ltd in India, and Sphere Mind India Pvt Ltd. He is also an Associate Member and the India Representative for the Berlin Chamber of Commerce as of March 2023. Additionally, he holds an advisory position at K-Mara Health Care S.L in Spain. These roles signify his extensive network and influence in international trade and commerce. Educationally, Dr. Kidambi is highly qualified with a Doctorate in Education. He has served in various educational capacities, including as a Secondary Grade Teacher, Junior Lecturer in English, Assistant Principal, and eventually as the Head of the Department of Education at different educational institutions. He has also been a Principal and a Lecturer in Methods of Teaching English. His academic contributions are noteworthy; he has published over 100 articles on diverse topics such as methods of teaching, educational psychology, and the impact of education. He is a Fellowship Member of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, further solidifying his academic credentials.

His expertise isn't just limited to academics; he has proven his mettle in business as well. Dr. Kidambi has been instrumental in securing deals worth 1 million USD for the export of medical supplies to Europe and China during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also successfully clinched a 7-year contract for exporting controlled drugs to Central Asian Government Agencies, with the first shipment alone being worth 2.5 million USD. His business acumen has led him to establish legal entities and secure potential clients and partners in diverse geographies including the UAE, UK, Europe, South America, Central Asia, Africa, and the USA. His skills extend to curriculum designing for various languages and he has demonstrated excellence in administrative roles at different educational levels. He is ambitious and constantly seeks to implement innovative ideas, whether it's in the field of education or business. Currently, he is on a mission to achieve a revenue target of 5 million USD in the next year and is in the process of collaborating with Euro Exim Bank to provide efficient trade finance solutions to global partners.

In summary, Dr. Sekhar Kidambi is a visionary leader and a multi-talented individual. His journey from an educator to an entrepreneur is a testament to his versatility, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. His contributions to both the educational and business sectors are commendable, and he continues to set new milestones and standards in each field he ventures into.

Mr Raghavendra Maram

Committee Chairman,

Information Technology and Digital Innovations Committee (ITDI)

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Smt B Madhavi,

Committee Chairperson,

Women in Business and Entrepreneurship

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Dr Enelli Murali Darshan

Committee Chairman

Foriegn Affairs and Investments

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Mr Damodar Aveli

Committee Chairman

Medical & Health

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