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Empowering Telangana's Business Ecosystem to Soar New Heights, Reflecting Years of Unprecedented Regional Development and Innovation.

Upcoming Events - June & July 2024

The upcoming Industry-Specific Workshop, a premier event tailored to address the distinct challenges and innovations of your sector. Facilitated by seasoned industry leaders, this workshop promises an immersive hands-on learning experience, simulating real-world scenarios to enhance your professional acumen. Beyond skill enhancement, it's a golden opportunity to network with peers, exchange invaluable insights, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends. Elevate your expertise and give your organization a competitive edge. Dive deep into targeted training designed for impactful personal and organizational growth. Reserve your spot today and propel your industry knowledge to new heights!

Industry Specific Workshop

Monday, 10th June 2024
III Floor, Paryataka Bhavan, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Join us at our upcoming Trade Fair, the pinnacle event where industry leaders and innovators converge. Experience firsthand the latest products, services, and groundbreaking innovations showcased by esteemed exhibitors from across the sector. Beyond displays, immerse yourself in enlightening seminars led by industry experts, engage in meaningful B2B discussions, and witness live product demonstrations. This fair isn't just an exhibition; it's a hub for networking, knowledge-sharing, and business growth. Whether you're looking to expand your horizons, forge new partnerships, or simply stay abreast of industry trends, our Trade Fair is the place to be. Mark your calendars and be part of this transformative event!

Wednesday, 17th July 2024
Venue TBD

Introducing our Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) – a dynamic initiative designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation. Dive into a world of innovation, mentorship, and hands-on learning as we equip young visionaries with the tools to transform ideas into thriving businesses. From interactive workshops and real-world field visits to pitch competitions and invaluable networking opportunities, YEP promises a holistic entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're an aspiring young entrepreneur or looking to refine your business acumen, YEP offers a platform to learn, innovate, and connect. Join us and be part of shaping the future of entrepreneurship!

Wednesday, 24th July 2024
III Floor, Paryataka Bhavan, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad

TECCI Trade Fair

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Upcoming International Events

August 2024! We're heading to Berlin for a pivotal event aimed at delving into the expansive business opportunities within Germany and Europe. As we navigate this vibrant economic landscape, our mission is to establish meaningful collaborations, gain insights into the European market, and identify potential growth sectors. Berlin, renowned for its dynamic business environment, is our chosen hub for this exploration. Join us this December as we bridge business frontiers and forge impactful partnerships. Your presence will be key in this transformative journey.

Venue : To be Decided

Berlin Bridge Telangana

Telangana Connects - USA

The Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry proudly presents a landmark Networking and Business Event in the USA this March 2024. This gathering is a fusion of investment exploration in the USA and a showcase of India's prowess. Delve deep into the USA's thriving economic landscape, enriched by insights from its leading business minds, and uncover avenues for growth in its stable and welcoming business environment. Parallelly, experience the global resonance of the 'Made in India' initiative, with a curated exhibition of top-tier Indian products, reflecting the nation's manufacturing excellence. Additionally, get a panoramic view of India's burgeoning real estate sector, highlighting cutting-edge developments and investment opportunities. This event isn't just a meeting point; it's a nexus of global business collaboration, offering a platform for companies worldwide to network, form strategic alliances, and tap into the vast potential of the Indian market. Join us in this dual journey of discovery and partnership, and let's collaboratively pave the way for a prosperous business future. Your participation could be the catalyst for mutual growth and success in both regions.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest profile event in the United States to facilitate business investment by connecting thousands of investors, companies, economic development organizations (EDOs), and industry experts to make deals happen.TECCI  offers a unique platform for Telangana businesses to explore new markets, engage with industry leaders, and expand operations.Building on last year's success, where the Indian delegation showcased its dynamic potential, this year's summit promises even greater opportunities. TECCI will facilitate participation for members with valid U.S. visas. The summit features top-level executives, policymakers, and economic development representatives, offering strategic partnership and collaboration opportunities. Attendees will benefit from insightful sessions, expert panels, and interactive workshops on industry trends, investment strategies, and best practices for thriving in the U.S. market. Participants will also gain access to valuable resources and support from the U.S. government and economic development organizations, aiding in navigating the U.S. business landscape and securing funding. For further information and registration assistance, please visit our office. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your business and drive global success. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation.

Select USA 2024-Investment Summit

Recent Meetings

The recent meeting between the Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Australian diplomatic representatives, Consul General Ms. Hilary McGeachy and Consul Mr. Andrew Collister, marked a pivotal moment in fostering stronger business relations between Telangana and Australia. This gathering was more than a ceremonial event; it was a strategic dialogue aimed at deepening economic ties and exploring new collaborative ventures. The session began with an exchange of insights into the economic landscapes of both regions. The Australian delegates highlighted their country's economic strengths and openness to international trade, while the Telangana representatives showcased the state's rapid growth in sectors like technology and its emergence as a startup hub. Discussions centered on identifying untapped potentials in areas such as technology, agriculture, education, and renewable energy, recognizing that both regions have much to offer and gain from each other.

A significant portion of the dialogue focused on the importance of cultural understanding in fostering robust business relationships. The Australian officials expressed admiration for Telangana's rich cultural heritage, emphasizing that mutual respect and cultural exchange are key to successful international partnerships. The meeting also addressed challenges in international trade, such as bureaucratic hurdles and regulatory differences. Both parties agreed on the necessity of working together to streamline trade processes and overcome these barriers, with the Chambers of Commerce playing a crucial role in facilitating this dialogue.

The session concluded with a commitment to concrete actions, including establishing joint committees, organizing trade delegations, and creating platforms for business interactions. This ongoing dialogue aims to review progress and tackle emerging issues, ensuring a dynamic and fruitful partnership. In essence, the meeting was a significant step towards establishing a stronger, multifaceted partnership between Telangana and Australia. It highlighted Telangana's growing global significance and its potential as a key player in international trade, promising not just economic benefits but also cultural exchanges and mutual understanding.

On May 18, 2024, the Indonesian delegation from the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), Chennai, and core members of the Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TECCI) met to enhance bilateral trade. Key Indonesian officials, including Nugroho Priyo Pratomo, Mohamad Haykal, and Jestin Mathew, discussed expanding trade and investment between Indonesia and Telangana. A highlight was promoting the upcoming Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) from October 9-12, 2024, in Jakarta. Both parties emphasized building robust trade cooperation, particularly in the Telangana-AP region. TECCI expressed interest in visiting Indonesia, marking this meeting as pivotal for fostering international trade relations and economic collaboration.

"The strength of the Chamber lies in the collective energy of its members. Your participation amplifies our voice, enriches our services, and empowers us to create a thriving business environment. Each member is a vital piece in the mosaic of Telangana's economic success."