Frequently Asked Questions

What is TECCI?

TECCI stands for Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It is an organization that represents the business community in Telangana, working towards the promotion and development of trade, commerce, and industry in the region.

How can I become a member of TECCI?

Membership details and the application process can be found on the official TECCI website. Typically, businesses and individuals involved in trade, commerce, and industry in Telangana are eligible to apply.

What are the benefits of joining TECCI?

Members of TECCI enjoy various benefits including networking opportunities, access to industry insights, training programs, advocacy for business-friendly policies, and participation in trade fairs and delegations.

Does TECCI organize events and workshops?

Yes, TECCI regularly organizes events, workshops, seminars, and training programs for its members and the wider business community. These events cover a range of topics relevant to trade and industry.

How can I partner with TECCI for an event or initiative?

Businesses and organizations interested in partnering with TECCI can reach out to the organization's secretariat or event coordination team for collaboration opportunities.

How does TECCI advocate for the business community?

TECCI actively engages with policymakers, government officials, and other stakeholders to advocate for business-friendly policies, reforms, and initiatives that benefit the trade and industry sectors in Telangana.

Can international businesses join TECCI?

International businesses with a presence or interest in Telangana can join TECCI. Specific membership criteria for international businesses can be found on the TECCI website.

How can I stay updated with TECCI's activities and news?

You can subscribe to TECCI's newsletter, follow the organization on social media, or regularly check the official website for updates and announcements.

Who leads TECCI?

TECCI is led by a board of directors and office bearers elected by its members. The current leadership details can be found on the official website.