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​​​The old name of this district is Orugallu. Oru means one and Kallu means stone. The district was situated between 78° 49' and 80° 43'E, of the eastern longitudes and 17° 19' and 18° 36'N, of northern latitudes.

The district is bounded by Karimnagar District to the north, Khammam District to the east and southeast, Nalgonda District to the southwest, and Medak District to the west.

The district has population of 35,12,576 as per the 2011 census which accounts for 9.98% of the total population of the State with 8.21% decadal growth.

Warangal Fort


Warangal, once the capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom, Warangal is with beautiful lakes, fine temples, rich fauna & flora have contributed to its importance as a Tourist Centre.

The ancient name of Warangal was known to be Oruguallu or Omtikonda on account of huge boulder like hillock situated near the swayambhu Siva Temple and is also called "EKASILANAGARAM". In course of time, it was called as "Orugallu", and finally known as Warangal.

Warangal the ancient Kakatiya Kingdom has everything to satisfy the thirst of tourist all over the world. It has beautiful Lakes, Forts, Architectural Monuments, Wild Life Sanctuary, Musical Garden, Rock Garden, Vana Vigyana Kendra, Regional Science Centre, a fine blend of new and old.

Districts Geographical Profile

Item Units Figure Source
Area In ‘000 Sq. Km 12.9 Census 2011
Population In Persons 35,12,576 Census 2011
Male In Persons 17,59,281 Census 2011
Female In Persons 17,53,295 Census 2011
Urban In Persons 9,92,333 Census 2011
Rural In Persons 25,20,243 Census 2011
Population Growth (decadal) % 8.21 Census 2011
Population Density (Person/Sq.Km) Ratio 273 Census 2011
Literacy % 65.11 Census 2011
Male % 74.58 Census 2011
Female % 55.69 Census 2011
Urbanisation % 28.250862 Census 2011
Workers as % of total population In Persons 49.58 Census 2011
Workers % of main Workers % 39.97 Census 2011
Household industries % 0.79 Census 2011
Area under Food & Non-Food crops Area in Hectares 6,93,004 Statistical Year Book-2013
Mining & Quarrying (Coal – Top) Qty in tonnes 16,69,195 Statistical Year Book-2013
Forest Area under the control of Forest Department Area in SQ.Kms 3710.14 Statistical Year Book-2013
Gross irrigated area as % of gross cropped area % 65.78 Statistical Year Book-2013
Road Length per 100 sq.km. In Sq.km 106.29628 Statistical Year Book-2013
Post offices per 100,000 persons Ratio 21.693481 Statistical Year Book-2013
Bank branches per 100,000 persons Ratio 8.1421726 Statistical Year Book-2013
Population per bank In Thousands 12.48 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank deposits Rs. In Crores 21500.46 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit In Rs. 21538.039 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit to agriculture In Rs. 62.55061 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per ha. bank credit to agriculture In Rs. 31.704546 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit to Industries In Rs. 25.758079 Statistical Year Book-2013

Districts Major Crops

Crop Area in hectares Out-turn in tonnes Source
Total cotton 276412 588595 Statistical Year Book-2013
Rice 209714 689019 Statistical Year Book-2013
Maize 80092 387607 Statistical Year Book-2013
Groundnut 30413 60508 Statistical Year Book-2013
Chillies 25801 97219 Statistical Year Book-2013
Greengram 22575 15088 Statistical Year Book-2013
Mangoes 7835 43312 Statistical Year Book-2013
Turmeric 9449 47075 Statistical Year Book-2013

Districts Major Mineral Production

Mineral Quantity (Tonnes) Value (‘000 Rs.) Source
Coal 16,69,195 22,30,045 Statistical Year Book-2013
Laterite 7,24,599 44,795 Statistical Year Book-2013

District Officials

Name Designation Office Phone Email
Ms. V. Karuna, IAS Collector & District Magistrate 0870-2511777 COLLECTOR_WGL@telangana.gov.in
Sri Prashant J Patil, IAS Joint Collector 0870-2510888 JC_WGL@telangana.gov.in
Ambar kishore Jha, IPS Superintendent of Police 0870-2567107 sp_wgl@telangana.gov.in
Sri B. Malla Reddy , IPS D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police. 0870-277215 -

MSME-Industrial Profile

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