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  • ► Preference will be given to induct them into the Management Committee of TECCI according to the seniority and expertise in the relevant field.
  • ► Preference will be given while appointing the Chairman and Convenor of different committees being constituted by TECCI.
  • ► Preference will be given to the competent patrons to appear and make presentations before the Parliamentary Standing Comittees and Department Related Standing Committees.
  • ► Adequate priority will be given to take part in the meetings, deliberations and discussions with the State and Central Ministers, Members of Parliament and State Legislative Assembly, Principal Secretaries to the Government, Nationalized Banks, Reserve Bank of India and other senior officials of the Government.
  • ► Preference will be given to them in joining TECCI’s team in receiving foreign dignitaries, delegations and interacting with them for the business promotional activities.
  • ► Preference will be given for their nomination on the Committees being constituted by both the state and Union Governments.