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Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TECCI)

The wheel always moves for progress and prosperity



  • To Catalyze Inclusive and sustainable economic growth for the overall development of the State of Telangana.


  • To develop TECCI as the most vibrant and inclusive chambers of the country for the promotion and development of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Telangana State.


  • To promote and facilitate the principle of knowledge economy in the state through following priorities.
    • ► Learning based education system and relevant skill development in the state.
    • ► Employment generation and Industrial growth led by major contribution from Service and SME sector.
    • ► Developing a vibrant ecosystem for progress of state through innovation, excellence, enterprise and prosperity.
    • ► Sustaining agricultural activity by adopting appropriate measures for climate change and mitigation tools.
    • ► Encouraging socially conscious business and ecological sustenance through conservation of resources and efficiency.


  • ► Identifying key social, environmental, economic and industrial priorities of the state.
  • ► identifying funding mechanisms to support these priorities or new initiatives.
  • ► Tracking new windows of financing for interrelated priorities and prepare documentation to access hassle free financing.
  • ► Extending support for priorities through partnerships.
  • ► Leveraging support for priorities through field visits, meetings, seminars and consultations
  • ► Collecting, analysing, and presenting information and data on industrial activities.
  • ► identifying the most efficient, effective and equitable implementation for commerce priorities.
  • ► identifying obstacles to effective implementation of policies and programmes and recommend ways of overcoming them.
  • ► Preparing relevant monitoring and status reports.
  • ► Monitoring trends and new developments.
  • ► Adopting concrete steps for reorienting skills initiatives.
  • ► Training a cadre of trainers to undertake capacity building and strengthening institutional activities.
  • ► Promoting the concept of Make in Telangana, Use in Telangana and Export from Telangana while advocating for downscaling imports. This would pave the way for creating employment opportunities to some extent.
  • ► Making our own contribution in SWATCH BHARATH / SWATCH TELANGANA programs announced by both Central and State Governments.
  • ► Assisting the both State and Central Governments in the implementation of National Investment & Manufacturing Zone in Medak district.
  • ► Assisting the both State and Central Governments in the process of reviving NSFL,IDPL nd RFCL TECCI has been in touch with the Authorities concerned in New Delhi for the last two years.
  • ► Focussing on the establishment of a Steel Plant at Bayyaram village in Khammam district and assisting the Government in their endeavor.
  • ► Propogating and creating awareness among the business and industrial community on the policies of the Government which are first of its kind not only in the state but also in the country.
      • Industrial Policy Framework –2015
      • Solar Power policy Framework –2015
      • TS –iPASS Rules –2015 and Operational Guidelines
      • TSIIC –Industrial Growth Engine

    We shall take up this awareness program in every district when the other policies as mentioned below are released by the Government.

      • Information Technology
      • Bio Technology
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Manufacturing sector
      • Infrastructure
      • Tourism
      • Food Processing and Nutrition
      • Textiles
      • Automobile
      • Plastics and Polymers