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Medak was formerly popular as Siddapur Medak, the prefix however, lost its importance in the popular usage. It is located in Telangana State. Sangareddy is the district headquarters of Medak.

The district was situated between 77° 28' and 79° 10'E, of the eastern longitudes and 17° 23' and 18° 19'N, of northern latitudes. The district is bounded by Nizamabad District to the north, Hyderabad District to the east and south, Warangal and Nalgonda Districts to the east, and Karnataka state to the west.

The district has population 30,33,288 as per the 2011 census which accounts for 8.62% of the total population of the State with 13.6% decadal growth.

Medak Church


The church was built under the stewardship of the Methodist Christian, the Reverend Charles Walker Posnett, who was driven by the motto My best for my Lord. Charles Posnett had arrived in Secunderabad in 1895, and after first ministering among British soldiers at Trimullghery, had launched into the villages and had reached Medak village in 1896. In those days there was no railway to Medak (the journey of 60 miles (97 km) from Hyderabad had to be done on horseback - and Posnett could do it in a day) and in the whole Medak area there were hardly two hundred Christians, who were using a small tiled house as their place of worship.

As the number of Christians increased, Charles Posnett raised a moderate structure in the Mission Compound in the shape of a church, but thought it unworthy, and early in 1914 laid the foundations of the present cathedral church, on 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) of land in Ghusnabad area. When the people of Medak district were suffering from famine between 1919 and 1921, Charles Posnett helped them by employing them in the construction of the church instead of running a free kitchen. Construction went on for 10 years. Charles Posnett consecrated the church in 1924, thanking God for mitigating the sufferings of the people.

Districts Geographical Profile

Item Units Figure Source
Area In ‘000 Sq. Km 9.7 Census 2011
Population In Persons 30,33,288 Census 2011
Male In Persons 15,23,030 Census 2011
Female In Persons 15,10,258 Census 2011
Urban In Persons 7,27,871 Census 2011
Rural In Persons 23,05,417 Census 2011
Population Growth (decadal) % 13.6 Census 2011
Population Density (Person/Sq.Km) Ratio 313 Census 2011
Literacy % 61.42 Census 2011
Male % 71.43 Census 2011
Female % 51.37 Census 2011
Urbanisation % 23.996106 Census 2011
Workers as % of total population In Persons 51.52 Census 2011
Workers % of main Workers % 41.01 Census 2011
Household industries % 1.7 Census 2011
Area under Food & Non-Food crops Area in Hectares 6,20,854 Statistical Year Book-2013
Mining & Quarrying (Coal – Top) Qty in tonnes 56069 Statistical Year Book-2013
Forest Area under the control of Forest Department Area in SQ.Kms 905.94 Statistical Year Book-2013
Gross irrigated area as % of gross cropped area % 35.42 Statistical Year Book-2013
Road Length per 100 sq.km. In Sq.km 84.55404 Statistical Year Book-2013
Post offices per 100,000 persons Ratio 19.384905 Statistical Year Book-2013
Bank branches per 100,000 persons Ratio 8.7693618 Statistical Year Book-2013
Population per bank In Thousands 11.7 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank deposits Rs. In Crores 22490.116 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit In Rs. 23830.906 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit to agriculture In Rs. 44.71493 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per ha. bank credit to agriculture In Rs. 21.846241 Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit to Industries In Rs. 20.706227 Statistical Year Book-2013

Districts Major Crops

Crop Area in hectares Out-turn in tonnes Source
Maize 142205 643031 Statistical Year Book-2013
Total cotton 128865 446479 Statistical Year Book-2013
Rice 110355 372597 Statistical Year Book-2013
Bengalgram 30020 44039 Statistical Year Book-2013
Redgram 29195 19736 Statistical Year Book-2013
Greengram 27485 27041 Statistical Year Book-2013
Jowar 25035 27860 Statistical Year Book-2013
Blackgram 15327 13840 Statistical Year Book-2013

Districts Major Mineral Production

Mineral Quantity (Tonnes) Value (‘000 Rs.) Source
Quartz 56,069 8,859 Statistical Year Book-2013
Feldspar 38,705 9,850 Statistical Year Book-2013

District Officials

Name Designation Office Phone Email
Ms. Neetu Kumari Prasad, IAS Collector & District Magistrate 0878-2265206 collector_krmn@telangana.gov.in
Smt. Pausumi Basu, IAS Joint Collector & Additional District Magistrate 0878-2240749 jc_krmn@telangana.gov.in
Sri V Siva Kumar, IPS Superintendent of Police 0878-2262303 -
Sri R Bheema Naik, IPS D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police 0878-2262377 -

District Officials

Name Designation Office Phone Email
Sri Rahul Bojja, IAS Collector 08455-276555 collector_mdk@telangana.gov.in
Dr A Sharat, IAS Joint Collector 08455-276426 jc_mdk@telangana.gov.in
Smt. B Sumathi, IPS Superintendent of Police 08455-276600 -
Sri Y Gangadhar, IPS D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police 08462-226352 -

MSME-Industrial Profile

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