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  • Mr.Ramesh AS completed B. E. (Electronics & Communications Engineering) from Osmania University, Hyderabad in 1999.
  • ► He did his MS with distinction from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA in 2001.


  • ► Telecom Engineer with M/s.Axes Technologies, Bangalore.
  • ► RF Design Engineer with M/s Encamera Sciences Inc, Phoenix.
  • ► Joined HMWS & SB in 2009 and implemented SCADA project at the executive cadre.


  • Director (Communications) in the Department of Information Technology , Electronics and and Communications, Government of Telangana.
  • ► In-charge of Hyderabad wi-fi project. Actively involved in signing up and setting up of the cutting edge technologies like photonics as a photonic valley corporation in Hyderbad.
  • ► In-charge of Hyderabad wi-fi project.


  • ► Implementation officer for Wi-Fi and 4G Projects.
  • ► Critically involved in the implementation of ITIR project.
  • ► Actively coordinating the aero-defence supply industry expansion.
  • ► Critical Information Infrastructure Officer for vital IT infrastructure in Telangana.
  • ► CEO of MANA Telangana satellite TV educational channels
  • ► Active role in the implementation of E-Governance projects in Telangana.
  • ► Providing SCADA solutions to infrastructure projects of Telangana state.
  • ► Reviewer of International Journal Societies: Core areas of interest is in Cyber Security, Cryptography and Security Audit.
  • ► Actively working on banning the pornography.
  • ► Actively involved in the research of filling the gap between mathematical modelling and hardware implementation.
  • ► Involved in Photonic research, with a vision to create Germanium valley in Hyderabad.


  • Mr.Ramesh's ambitious goal is to make Hyderabad as the best Electronics Manufacturing Cluster and set up a 1b$ electronic product manufacturing within four years.


  • ► Acclaimed with best upcoming Manager at ERICSSON Stockholm Sweden.
  • ► Received best IT initiative SKOCH Award from Hon'ble Union Minister for urban development, Mr.M.Venkaiah Naidu.
  • ► Nodal officer for implementation of the Fibre optic project in Telangana state.
  • ► Active Member of the Child Rights Group.
  • ► Member, Women Protection Committee on IT related applications.
  • ► Nodal officer, UIADI -AADHAR Card Implementation Project.


  • ► Being a Member of TJAC, he was confined to four days abduction in police custody for his active role in Telangana movement
  • ► Mr.Ramesh had played his own role in designing the policies and programs of TECCI. He was an important source of inspiration among the persons of his age and qualifications.